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CE-Line Banks Investments From Horticoop & Yield Lab Europe

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Key Takeaways


  1. Investment cooperative Horticoop and AgriTech venture capital firm Yield Lab Europe have invested in the scale-up company CE-Line.

  2. CE-Line specializes in real-time laboratory analysis technology for monitoring nutrients in irrigation and drainage water, aiding greenhouse growers.

  3. The technology promises sustainable water management and nutrient control, aligning with Horticoop’s mission for a sustainable horticultural sector.

  4. CE-Line’s ‘plug-and-play system offers autonomous and optimal nutrient dispensing based on real-time data, requiring minimal human intervention.

  5. This investment represents a significant step towards innovative, sustainable, and efficient agricultural practices.

Sustainable Investment in Greenhouse Horticulture With CE-Line

In a move that marks a significant advancement in sustainable agriculture technology, Horticoop and Yield Lab Europe have announced their investment in CE-Line. This investment underscores a growing trend in the horticultural industry towards leveraging technology for efficient and environmentally friendly practices.


Innovative Technology for Nutrient Management

CE-Line’s pioneering technology allows for the real-time analysis of nutrient levels in irrigation and drainage water. This offers growers complete control over the nutrient composition of their greenhouse water flows. The ‘plug-and-play system automates nutrient measurement and dispensing, which could lead to significant advancements in crop management and water conservation.


Transition from Research to Commercial Production

Simon Meijer, CEO of CE-Line, expressed excitement over transitioning from a research company to commercial production. He highlighted the importance of the investors’ expertise and flexibility, which are essential for the company’s scaling efforts.


Enhancing Crop Management and Environmental Sustainability

Wilco Schoonderbeek from Horticoop and Daan Wilms van Kersbergen from Yield Lab Europe praised the CE-Line solution’s potential to automate water and nutrient testing, enhance crop management, and support closed water systems. These advancements align closely with both organizations’ goals for a sustainable and profitable agricultural industry.

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