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CE-Line has been successfully validated

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The Celine technology, “measuring real-time nutrients in greenhouse horticulture water”, has been successfully validated!

The measuring system can measure the levels of ten nutrients just as well as an analysis laboratory. An important step has been taken for irrigation water with optimal nutrition, “continuously flavored”.


Optimal plant nutrition

Currently, in greenhouse horticulture, water samples are taken by hand once a week and sent to an analysis laboratory. The data that is returned is the basis for the irrigation water strategy for the coming week.

By measuring all ten nutrients in real-time with the CE-Line technology, growers will be able to adjust the irrigation strategy every day and at any time to the optimal plant nutrition. And this optimal nutrition is expected to make the crop grow better and yield a better production quality.


Extensive validation

In collaboration with various parties from the greenhouse horticulture sector, the CE-Line technology has been extensively validated for the greenhouse horticulture sector. Here we mainly look at reliability, correctness and accuracy. First on a laboratory scale and then also in field tests at Wageningen University & Research, Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture in Bleiswijk. The many measurements were ultimately compared with well-known horticultural laboratories. This comparison shows that the CE-Line technology has been sufficiently developed to function at greenhouse horticultural level.


World Horti Centre

With the successful validation, the CE-Line technology can be admired at the Innovation of Summer in the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk, where all innovations from greenhouse horticulture are exhibited.

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