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The CE-Line unit is a combination of 3 high-tech components, originally designed and assembled in The Netherlands.

CE-Line unit

CE-Line is a sophisticated and valuable tool for greenhouse management. By continually monitoring and providing real-time data on nutrient concentrations in irrigation and drain water, it enables precise control over the irrigation and fertilization processes. This level of automation and accuracy can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouse operations, ultimately leading to improved crop yields and resource utilization.

Reagent sets

Reagent set

Reagents are essential components for conducting the Capillary Electrophoresis process in the CE-Line system. The reagents are supplied in a pack, containing all required reagents, calibration solutions, and cleaning solutions. A monthly supply will give you approximately 200-240 sample moments. For systems with fewer measurement frequency demands, we also offer a pack designed for 100-120 measurement cycles. The pack can not last longer than one month due to shelf life restrictions.

During the on-site start up and training process, staff will receive instructions on how to replace a reagent pack.  Reagent usage example: measuring 4 channels, 2 times a day = 8  measurements per day.  Reagent pack = 240 measurements / 8 measurements per day = 30 days. Reagent packs must be stored in refrigerator or at least a cool and dry location.

Installation requirements

Installation requirements and steps

As a first step, CE-Line will assist and advise in defining measurement points and  measurement frequencies. This will be done in close cooperation, based on customers greenhouse and watersystem  information.

As a second step, to be able to install the system, local preparations need to be made. Adjustments to the water system, placement of a small bypass loop to implement a 0,5 micron filter for sampling inlets. Furthermore assuring the availability of  a power supply and an internet connection. Also including mechanical mounting or skid placement of the CE-Line system. These local preparations are not part of the CE-Line scope, but will be done by your technical staff or preferred installer.

As a third step, the system will be connected to the water system, power and internet connection will be configured and, if in the agreed scope of supply, climate computer connections will be configured and connected. This third step will be done by our CE-Line technical staff or a qualified CE-Line technical partner. Commisioning will also include the training of your staff on changing of reagents and further use of the system. Now we will check on the first measurements and together with our own laboratory we will follow results at distance, yet very close. If within a few days all runs fine you can start to use your data as wished for.



The CE-Line system is a self- sampling, self-cleaning and self-calibrating system, which eliminates the need for manual calibration. However, to ensure reliable operation and optimal reliability, we recommend scheduling maintenance for the horticulture system at least once a year. Maintenance is also depending on water quality. Control and expected maintenance consists of replacement of internal capillary and external filters. Maintenance and/or servicing of the system are performed by our service department and CE-Line partners. For all user-performed activities, please refer to the manual provided with the system.